Jolin was amazing to work with, she changed the way my apartment functions which in turn has changed the way my family functions! She was a joy to be around and have in our home. She was able to quickly respond to our aesthetics and needs. This was by far the best money spent in a long time and the highlight of our summer.
— Jorden Bickham, Fashion Editor at
Jolin is a breath of fresh air! She sees space like a puzzle and finds where everything is meant to be. So grateful to have found her for my little New York City apartment.
— Caila Quinn, NYC Blogger
Check out Caila's Instagram  @cailaquinn

Check out Caila's Instagram @cailaquinn

Jolin is awesome and lovely and my apartment looks amazing and I could not be happier with the work she did. I can’t recommend her highly enough. So so stinking good. Supreme organizational skills. Total rockstar all around. A++
— Alex Jaffe, Writer for SNL
I could rave for hours because this process has returned to me space to think and has removed my greatest roadblock to productivity which, not surprisingly, has been flowing ever since.
— Neikelle Moore, Director of Global Partnerships, NBA
I highly recommend Sage to anyone who has needs with organization. I would also recommend this as a gift to people you know and love - it’s going to be my new wedding present to everyone!
— Kristen Collins, Yoga Instructor
I can’t tell you how much MORE we enjoy every day. Now we can find what we’re looking for - and it’s so easy to put stuff back where it belongs.
Kate loves my new routine – now I use hangers and not a chair – everything finds it’s proper place.
For the first time, it’s quick and easy to stay organized.

Thanks to you, we are both so happy in our new place.
— Chris L., CEO, Financial Services
I was lucky enough to find Jolin at Sage Organization and Design on Thumback for several organizing projects in my apt. and she has been amazing! She helped me with organizing my kitchen cabinet space and then with moving both of my small children into one bedroom which was a lot of work and took some thought on her part. She recommended furniture options, measured for containers and bins that were not only functional but great looking in the room as well! She organized piles of kids clothes that had accumulated over the last 4 years into labeled functional storage units that are easily accessible.

Jolin was a pleasure to work with, very energetic and enthusiastic. She really listened to what I had to say and then made very helpful suggestions. I would highly recommend her for organizational projects in your home, both large and small. Jolin has made a huge difference in our home space!
— Jill O'Leary, Medical Professional
To declutter is refreshing and a way to take back your life. Jolin works fast to get the job done and knows that your time is as precious as hers. Dealing with my clutter has given me more time in my day and allowed me to focus on my art and my family.
— Becky Osman, Stay At Home Mom
Sage Organization was a pleasure to work with. I really had no direction as far as my “space” goes and Jolin exceeded expectations. I felt like my wardrobe expanded by the time she was done. Everything was visible, clean and just made sense.
— Michael Patrick, Tech Salesman
Jolin saved my behind when it came to organizing and approaching my packing and moving from New York City to Boston. She set me into motion with a very doable plan for how to tackle the rest of the project. Incredibly valuable!!
— Lauren Brighten Knoll, Grad Student
I would highly recommend Jolin to help organize and design your space! Jolin meticulously designs your space with the things you already own in tight NYC apartments, oddly shaped attics and dens, and everyday boring living rooms. My current living room is an odd shape, and seems very “flat” when filled with our current furniture. Within ten minutes, Jolin flipped the space and made it functional and easy to navigate...even down to picture frame placement!
— Sarah Elder, Preschool Teacher
In this hard city, I’ve felt joy and relief coming home to my room everyday since Jolin transformed it. I spent a half hour just looking around speechless, touching my color coordinated closet, reading labels on beautiful boxes on my shelves and containers inside my desk drawers, looking at my makeup beautifully laid out in a functional way at my vanity and taking in what felt like a brand new room after she worked her magic on it.

Since using SAGE, I feel more organized; getting ready in the morning takes less time; and my room is cleaner because I know exactly where things belong (instead of throwing all my crap on the bed and deciding to deal with it later).

Jolin is meticulous. I expected to have things put away neatly for me but Jolin took it ten steps further than what I could have imagined for the space and function of it. If you’re looking for a wow factor in the design and function of your space- Jolin is your girl.
— Holly Williams, NYC Actress
Jolin has a keen eye for detail and color, and can make any space feel homey and comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone—-whether for organizational purposes or just to freshen up your home!
— Miranda McGee, Profesional Actor