Packing & Moving Services

Planning a move is one of the top three stressors in life, after death and divorce. Why deal with all of that yourself? Let Sage Organization & Design plan your move and relieve all that stress! 


Purge before you pack 

Think you might want to bring that bag of old sweaters thats been shoved in the back of your closet to your new apartment? What about Grandma's collection of ceramic puppies? We'll set up an easy system to categorize your belongings before they're packed. Going through your home item by item, we'll help make the tough calls on what should be kept, what can be let go, and what you can have the gift of donating. Everything that is packed will have a purposeful function and bring joy to your new home. 


Photo by oneinchpunch/iStock / Getty Images

Pack what you love, Lets talk about the rest

Bringing only the things you truly love to your new home will ensure a smooth transition and easy move. Once we've established what will be kept, tossed and donated, Sage will set up an organized system to categorize, pack, and label your belongings that will expedite the process. We have the resources to make sure all of your donations make it to the proper charities and have a great second-life. We can even connect you with a moving company to cut out all the heavy lifting!



Unpack and set up your new home to create a stress-free living environment  

The move itself can be stressful enough and now you have to unpack? Don't let all of those boxes sit there for weeks, or even months, causing more post-move stress. We can empty every box for you! In just a few days after your relocation, we can have your entire new home unpacked and ready for you to settle in. You won't have to skip a beat! We'll set up new efficient systems of organization so your home will never cause any added stress to your life again.