Organization Services

Bedroom & Closet Organization – Deconstruct to reconstruct and renew. Overstuffed and unorganized closets only create stress and inefficiency. Cut the clutter and clear the stress. Purging is the first step!

Kitchen Organization – Reorganize to optimize function and flow. Make the most of the limited space you have by utilizing every inch of precious counter and cabinet space.   

Home Office Organization – Reduce paper storage to streamline productivity. Get rid of those clunky filing cabinets filled with papers that never see the light of day. Digitize your life into the twenty-first century.  

Basement & Storage Space Organization - Sort through your past to see clearer into the future. Maximize your minimal storage spaces by keeping like-with-like and categorizing your memories.  

Also consider

  • Children's Playrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Commercial Offices and Workspaces


Interior Decorating Services

Once your space is newly organized, we will reveal it's true potential and bring out its beautiful New York charm. It may be with some new curtains, the art work you've been meaning to get framed, an antique reinvented, the possibilities are endless!  


Sage Organization & Design is here to transform your home into a stress-free living space. As a professional organizer, I have the experience and knowledge to help you utilize your space in a way you never knew possible, revitalizing your home or office to reveal its true potential. I will personally help you through the process of deciding what you'd like to keep in your home and what will be moved out of the space to be donated. But for me as an organizer, its not just about the stuff, its about you!

I specialize in helping my clients through the process of identifying their psychological and emotional attachment to inanimate objects. Over my years of organizing, I have found that letting go of the physical clutter will lead to the release of psychological clutter. I want you to love the process of letting go. Organizing and re-envisioning your space will never be about forcing you to get rid of your things, but filling your home with the things that enrich your life.  I will clear out the physical clutter creating stress and impart systems of organization that will deeply impact your daily life.

Every client is unique and special. Sage Organization & Design will custom tailor organizational systems to fit your individual needs on your timeline and your budget. Being organized and living in a beautiful, efficient space can not only save you time and money, it can completely change your state of mind and your life!