My name is Jolin Polasek, and I was raised by an interior designer and carpenter.  Home décor was in my blood from the get go. When I was young, I was as a receptionist and file clerk at an interior design warehouse and showroom. I was fascinated by the art of taking something that was old and run down and creating spaces that were new and beautiful. I saw the thrill on people’s faces when they picked out new finishes for their homes. It represented hope for the future and fresh starts. Enduring craftsmanship meant endless possibilities!

I received my degree in acting and was successful at it for many years, but I knew something was missing. I moved to New York City in 2012 in search of a new career. I wanted to return to my roots and pursue organization and design. Professional Organization has changed my life.   

Organization for me is not about emptying your space of clutter, but filling your home with things that you love and make you truly happy. You'll be able see your home in a whole new light when we reveal its optimal function and flow. Being organized can not only save you time and money, it completely change your state of mind and your life!