Virtues of Going Vertical

Virtues of Going Vertical 


One of the biggest challenges that busy New Yorkers face when organizing is their lack of square footage. Most of us don't have a lot of space to play with. So, you've got to get creative and think up...literally!

Vertical space is one of the most under-utilized resources in apartments today. Imagine if you could get everything thats taking up precious space on your floor, up and onto the walls or ceiling. Think of all the freed-up space you could have! 

Here are some great tips for organizing vertically. When organizing under bathroom vanities, add stacking drawers to maximize the height in the cabinets. If you have a bike, consider hanging it on the wall. In a laundry room, consider adding extra shelving so you don't have to transport everything once its folded. If you have open wall space in a closet, consider adding small 3M hooks for necklace storage. And for shoes, of course there are a million fun options! You can add hanging shoe storage behind a closet door, Ikea offers hideaway shoe cabinets with swing-down doors, or you can dedicate shelving in your closet. If you go that route, place the heel of the left shoe farther towards the edge of the shelf and tuck the right shoe snug next to it. This allows for more shoes to fit on each shelf. 

Stop tripping over your things on the floor and think vertically. I promise, you'll love that newly found square footage in your home. I'd love to hear what creative ways you've used your vertical space.

-Happy Organizing & Chat Soon-