The Rejuvenating Rearrange

The Rejuvenating Rearrange 


I love that first moment, walking into a new space, analyzing every nook, cranny and corner. I figure out whats working and whats definitely not working. Every space presents its own unique challenges. But sometimes, the space already has everything it needs. It only requires a little creativity. 

If you're looking to make a big impact on your space without spending big money, try moving some furniture around. It could be that the flow of your space isn't working and needs some rearranging. 


I'm not gonna lie, there were a few things not working in this Upper East Side studio when I first arrived! There was nowhere to sit, the artwork felt dark and overwhelming, not to mention there was clutter, literally, everywhere! Gulp! I really wanted to bring a light, airy feel to this cozy NYC home. To do that, I started by eliminating the clutter. It had to go. Then, I removed the dark art work. Once those elements were changed, it was time to play with the furniture arrangement. I tried a few different ideas but realized that the dresser was jutting into the middle of the space, making it feel cramped. We moved it to an outer wall and replaced it with a beautiful, free-standing mirror. (Little organizing tip: If you want your home to feel larger, add mirrors!) This opened up the room, giving it that spacious feel we were looking for. I also created a sitting area for guests in the newly freed up square footage by the window. 

Before you go spending big bucks on home organizing, try shaking up the space with a new arrangement. Let me know how it works out! I'd love to hear about it.

-Happy Organizing & Chat Soon-